Tooltip.JS Operating on the Entire Page

Each element on this page that is supplied with a title attribute is tooltipified. Just hover on some links, for example.

Lazy Initialization of Tooltip.JS

Tooltip.JS can be initialized on demand (for example after an AJAX call or user interaction), by using its tooltipjs.demand() method as an alternative to the tooltipjs.pageload() method. Visit this page to learn how to use this functionality.

Loading Tooltip Content via AJAX

Tooltip.JS provides a special way to load its content via AJAX. Hover this link to load its tooltip via AJAX from an external file. For more info on how to achieve this visit the online help and manual page for the component.

Defining Tooltipified Regions for Tooltip.JS

You can specify which regions of the page will be tooltipified by Tooltip.JS. Visit this page to learn how to do this.

Tooltip.JS and Forms

Form elements can also be tooltipified by Tooltip.JS - all you have to do is to add title attribute to them. The tooltip for textboxes, password fields and textareas appears when these elements are focused. Visit this page for a demo and more info.

Tooltip.JS Manual Close

If you set the autoclose to false, Tooltip.JS will be rendered with a close button and users will need to click it in order to hide the tooltip. Visit this page for more info and demo.

Displaying Images with Tooltip.JS

Here is a scenario in which you can use Tooltip.JS to display images.